Thursday, May 25, 2017

Recruiting 2018--Micah McFadden image
Micah McFadden, a 6-1 220 pound OLB from Tampa, FL has Tweeted he's received an offer from UMass.

247Sports page here. has video.

MaxPreps has stats.

This article from November of 2016 features McFadden.

2nd Team All-State in 2016.

McFadden has five FBS offers including Boston College from the Northeast.

Thursday--May 25th, 2017

The looks at Ohio's non-conference opponents including UMass. The Bobcats have a OOC schedule that's the envy of the nation. Ohio plays an FCS team and Purdue, Kansas and UMass had a combined 7-29 record in 2016. The Bobcats could be undefeated by the time they arrive at McGuirk on 09/30.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- recaps the HS awards banquet. Adam Breneman was the keynote speaker.

The Land-of-Ten site says Breneman's football career is on the uptick.


Athlon Sports has Tennessee as #19 in their 2017 preseason Top-25.


Athlon also has USF as #24 in the same prediction.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Recruiting 2018--Caleb Sutherland

Charlie Kaijo image
Caleb Sutherland, a 6-0 190 pound Safety/OLB has Tweeted he's received an offer from UMass.

247Sports page here. has video.

Rivals two-star player.

MaxPreps has stats.

Sutherland has seven offers including Navy and Air Force.

Recruiting 2018--Lavel Dumont II image
I've blogged about Lavel Dumont, a 6-4 270 pound OL from Tampa, FL before.

Mike Traini of "Fight Massachusetts" has a post on Dumont and includes some interview quotes from Dumont about his being recruited by the Minutemen.

Dumont is now up to 11 offers, with UMass as the only offer from the Northeast.

Wednesday--May 24th, 2017

UMass' Adam Breneman talks about leadership at the Penn Live HS awards. More images and video on the UMass Football Twitter feed.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- looks at the over-and-under predictions for the SEC including the two teams UMass plays this year: Tennessee and Mississippi State.


The Sun Belt Conference will split into two divisions and have a championship game starting in 2018.

UMass' 2017 opponents Georgia Southern, Coastal Carolina and Appalachian State will be all in the Sun Belt East Division in 2018. The Sun Belt's 4-2 bowl record last year gave it the best willing percentage of all the Group-of-Five leagues.


Cougar Center asks "What's on your college football bucket list?". One of the games mentioned is watching Army at Michie Stadium. As I said before, if you haven't made the trip, do so during the next couple of years as UMass plays its series with the Cadets.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Recruiting 2018--Mychale Salahuddin

ESPN 890 image
Several recruiting services indicate UMass has offered to Mychale Salahuddin, a 5-10 193 pound RB from Washington, D.C.

247Sports page here. has video.

Rivals four-star player.

SB Nation reports Salahuddin sees himself as a complete running back.

Recently offered by Michigan.

Salahuddin would thrive in Whipple's pro-set offense, but he has 36 offers (!)  including BC, Rutgers, Syracuse and Temple from the Northeast.

Tuesday--May 23rd, 2017 reports Rutgers will pay UMass a record (for Rutgers) $1.3 million for the Minutemen's 2019 visit to High Point Stadium. Not a record receipt for UMass, though. $1.3 is about average for Group-of-Five teams playing Power Five schools.

The Scarlet Knights will have a 2019 OOC schedule of UMass, Boston College and Liberty.

After a 2-10 season in 2016, Athlon Sports picks Rutgers last in Big 10's East Division. Northwestern is picked third in the West. It's a long way to 2019, but Rutgers probably will still be near the bottom of the Big's 10 power rankings.

The Big Ten Network looks at Rutgers' 2017 season.


Can Mississippi State's QB Nick Fitzgerald develop into a first round draft pick?

Fitzgerald threw for 25-38 299 yards 3 TD's against the Minutemen last year.


Monday, May 22, 2017

Recruiting 2018--Willie Canty image
Willie Canty, a 6-6 290 pound OT from Glade Central HS in FL has Tweeted he's received an offer from UMass.

247Sports page here. has video.

Threw shot and discus for Glade Central's track team.

Canty currently has five FBS offers with UMass as the only team from the Northeast.

Monday--May 22nd, 2017

From the UMass Football Twitter feed: recruits and veterans are in for Summer sessions.


Football Schedules has a .pdf helmet schedule for 2017's Independent teams.


Scarlet Nation says it's learned that Rutgers may play at UMass sometime in the future. The Minutemen are currently scheduled to play at Rutgers in 2019.


Sporting News has the Top-25 college football running backs for 2017. UMass fans will get to see two of them play at McGuirk: Jalin Moore, Appalachian State, Ray Lawry Old Dominion. In addition, UMass will face Honorable Mention Ryquel Armstead at Temple.


Speaking of Appalachian State, HC Scott Satterfield just was awarded a new five-year contract.


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Recruiting 2018--Ricky Williams, Jr image
Ricky Williams, Jr a 6-3 220 pound OLB/DE from Tampa, FL has Tweeted he's received an offer from UMass.

247Sports three-star player.

MaxPreps has stats. has video.

Prep Sports scouting has an interview with Williams.

Rivals three-star recruit.

Williams has 21 offers with many Group-of-Five schools represented. Rutgers and Syracuse have offered from the Northeast.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Recruiting 2018--Jake Syptak

College promoters image
Jake Syptak, a 6-5 270 pound OT from Woodlands, TX has Tweeted he's received an offer from UMass.

247Sports three-star player. has video.

This article from dated 02/24/17 features Syptak.

Teammate of UMass commit Zachary Loane. three-stars.

College Promoters USA has a profile of Syptak.

Syptak has 17 offers including Army from Northeast. Most of the Ivy's have also offered.

Friday--May 19th, 2017

NBC Sports reports UMass adds games against Big 10 opponents.

FBS Schedules reports on Liberty and Troy adding a series. It also confirms Troy @ UMass on 09/19/2020.

The future schedules should be more fun for UMass fans. UConn returns in 2018, 2019 and 2020. A win over the Huskies will make Minutemen fans good about any season. In addition, UMass starts a four-game series with Army. If you didn't go the previous game in 2005, playing the Cadets is really a fun experience. The away games at West Point are an easy drive from New England and the game atmosphere is wonderful. You know the black power cannons UMass fires when we score? Army has a real cannon (BOOOOM!) UMass football is going to something to look forward to again.


The Boston Herald has a story about after being away from football, Adam Breneman is back on the NFL's radar.


CBS Sports has 100 things to get you excited about the 2017 season. has 100 things to look forward to in college football in 2017.


Hero Sports has UMass ranked #115, up 9 slots in 2017.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Recruiting 2018--Nasir Greer

Recruit Georgia image
Nasir Greer, a 6-1 175 pound DB from Stockbridge has Tweeted he's received an offer from UMass.

247Sports page here. has video. has a recruiting profile.

MaxPreps has stats.

Recruit has a profile of Greer.

Also ran track.

Greer has 12 offers mostly from MAC and Sun Belt teams. Army is the only other team besides UMass from the Northeast.

Thursday--May 18th, 2017

UMass adds Duquesne to the 2018 schedule and schedules away games with Rutgers and Northwestern in 2019.

Mike Traini of "Fight Massachusetts' has a post on the additions to the schedule.

Matty Vautour covers the schedule changes.

FBS Schedules has a story about the Minutemen's 2018 and 2019 schedules. has a story about Rutgers adding UMass for 2019.

The Rutgers blog "On the Banks" comments on addition of UMass to the Scarlet Knights schedule.

Inside NU has a post on Northwestern's unusual late season non-conference game.

This is more shrewd scheduling by A.D. Bamford. The 2018 schedule preserves a mid-season off week. It swaps Liberty for potential Sun Belt champion Troy. While UMass should be solid underdogs to Big 10 Rutgers and Northwestern, they're not Wisconsin and Michigan either. There is at least a potential of an upset for Minutemen fans.


Penn has a story about Adam Breneman's renewed NFL aspirations.


Three reason why the last eleven months have the most epic in Coastal Carolina's sports history.